Lars-Eric Uneståhl, Ph.D has since the 1960´s been researching about – and developed models, principles and training programs for personal development and problemsolving in areas like Sport and Performing Arts, School and Education, Business, Work and Leadership and Health and Clinical areas.

From Sport to Personal development

Uneståhl developed the mental training during the 1969´s and 70´s in cooperation with the Swedish National and Olympic Teams. After the Olympics in Montreal 1976, where he was the only Sport Psychologist/Mental Trainer in the olympic village, he was invited to many countries and introduced the training to the Olympic committées in 14 countries. During the 1980´s Mental Training was introduced into the swedish school curriculum and areas like health, work, leadership and personal development became important areas of application.

He started the first university course in Mental Training i the beginning of the 80`s and courses in Mental Training became popular at several of the Swedish universities. He has also introduced the training as a visiting professor in Australia, Canada, China, India, and Russia. He started 1990 a private university, which focus on education and training in Mental Training, Coaching, NLP, Alternative States of Consciusness (Hypnosis, Mindfulness, etc.) and courses in an ”integrative approach” for Personal development and Problemsolving.

Many Training programs

So far has more than 3 million swedes used his training programs for increased effectiveness and better health and wellbeing. 2008 started translation of his over 20 books and more than 100 training programs to English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Kurdish and Albanian. More languages will follow. The goal is to be able to offer every human being a self instructional training program, which can help everyone to use more of her/his potential.